Add features to your products in a product line

How to add more features to your products

Arrived at your Product Matrix and found out you need to add some more Features to your Products? You can do that directly from the product matrix

Features in the Product Line can be either added from your Feature Library or created directly within Product Line. Any Features created within a Product Line will automatically be added to the Feature Library.

To add or create features

On the Product Matrix, you can add Features to your Product Lines that already exist in the Feature Library or create new Features.

  1. Open the Product Matrix
  2. Click on the plus icon next to the Features title
    Please note, you can also use the plus icon next to a Feature Family name, and they system will know you are trying to add a new feature within that family.
  3. Type in the name of the Feature you want to add or create. A dropdown search will show you the top 5 existing Features that match. Alternatively you will be able to select to create a new Feature by selecting the Create "____" link at the top of the list. If you are creating a new Feature you will have to also add the following information:
    • Code (Optional)
    • Feature Family (Mandatory)
      Please note, this work similarly to the Feature dropdown and will let you either create a new feature family, or select a feature family that already exists.
  4. Click on the plus icon at the end of the row. This will add or create the Feature and let you choose to add or create another on a new row if you wish to.
  5. This will close the form and your newly added Feature will be displayed on the Product Matrix.

To edit features

In the Product Matrix you can edit different aspects of your feature by clicking on the Feature Name listed on the Product Matrix.


Edit feature details

Details allows you to edit the Feature Name, Code, Description and Dates Available. You can also add Images and Tags to the Feature. The Attributes section in Feature Details allows you to Add or Create Attributes and assign values to them


Edit feature availability

Availability allows you to configure rules to define when the Feature is and is not available on your Product Line

Add comments on the feature

Comments is a place for you and your team to discuss the Detail and Availability of the Feature