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Configure and manage currencies and units of measure

Create attributes for currency and save them for later

Gocious is intended for a global audience, however we don’t want to bog you down with massive lists to scroll through to find the things you care about. The first time you create an attribute that needs a currency or unit of measure quickly create it and we will save them (and only them) so you can get to them quickly later when you need them again.

Creating a unit of measure or currency when creating an attribute

Anywhere in Gocious where you can create attributes you will be able to also create units of measure or currencies. When creating an attribute you will be asked what type of attribute it is and be able to select from a dropdown.

Unit of Measure

If you pick a type of "Unit of Measure" then you will be asked to enter a name and abbreviation, enter the unit of measure you want to use.


If you select an attribute type of "Currency" then you will be able to enter the currency code for the currency you want (for example USD for US Dollars)

Please Note: When you start creating a Unit of Measure or Currency the system will also show you any pre-existing Units or Currencies and you may simply select to use those


Units of measure are used when there are conversions within similar categories. For example, you could have a category of "Length" and have units of inches, centimeters, etc.  You could select "Number" as the attribute type to just track static numbers.


We also offer the option of saving text data for an attribute. This may be a URL to an existing web page, or something similar. 

Please note, all text attributes are ignored when doing calculations for score and spec report.

Creating a unit of measure in settings

You can create a Unit of Measure directly in Gocious without having to do so via the Product Line Wizard.

  1. Select Unit of Measure under Settings
  2. Click on the plus icon next to the heading Units of Measure
  3. Give the Unit of Measure a name and abbreviation
  4. You can also put the Unit of Measure in a Category (this field can be left blank)
    • Soon. we will be supporting conversion of units of measure inside the same category.

Editing a currency or unit of measure in settings

You can edit Units of Measure and Currencies in Gocious

  1. Select Units of Measure or Currencies under Setting in the main navigation
  2. Click on the Unit of Measure or Currency you want to edit
  3. Click on the field you wish to edit
  4. Make your edit
  5. Hit enter or select the green tick to save changes