Get to your product line quickly with product line wizard

Quickly and easily view your product line and its feature configurations

We created the Product Line Wizard to help guide you quickly and easily to your first Product Matrix and view your product line and its feature configurations.

Immediately after you create a workspace or when you choose to create new product line, you are guided by the product line wizard. This wizard is a 5 step process to get you to your initial Product Matrix.

  1. Create Product Line
    Give your product line a name and tell us when you would like your product line to start
  2. Add Products
    Enter the names of the products you plan to offer as part of your product line
  3. Add Features
    Either create new features directly in the wizard or add features from the feature library. These features are what will be used to build your products from. Here you also select which products in your product pine you want your feature to be available on. 

    Please note: At this point in the wizard you are only available to select whether a Feature is available (as optional) or not available. Don’t worry if you want to say something else about the availability of this Feature, you can always adjust it further once you get to the Product Matrix.
  4. Set Scoring Attributes
    Create or select the numerical Attributes you want to use to score your Product Line
  5. Enter Score Specifications
    Enter values against the Features and Scoring Attributes you have selected for your Product Line

    Please Note: When a Feature and Attribute already exists with a value then that value will automatically be populated as a Specification. You can overwrite that value if you want.
  6. When you are done, you will see the Product Matrix