Create a Financial Roadmap by importing data

You can import your financial metrics into Gocious, here's how.

To help you get your data into Gocious faster we have provided a helpful, easy to use data import facility. Take your existing financial data, put it into our simple template structure, and save yourself the time of having to type it all back in.

Click to download the Financial Data Import CSV template

Simply navigate to the data import section of Gocious in the main menu

and select the Financials tab to upload your import file.

A summary of the data import is provided after the import has completed. The summary will give you an initial view of what was imported. Clicking on the file name of the import will give you a more detailed breakdown of the import and any errors that may have occurred.

Before uploading a financial import the following data points must already exist in your workspace:

  • The product lines you are importing data for
  • Any market  divisions you want to breakdown the financials by
  • The financial baseline you want your baseline data added to
  • The plans you want the incremental financial data added to
  • Any financial metrics (Costs or Targets)

Some helpful notes:

  • Save your import file as comma separated value filetype (.csv)
  • Ensure coding is UTF-8 for best import results
  • Import errors do happen. Fix the file and re-import it.
  • Re-importing existing information is fine, Gocious will only create new items when they do not already exist. Existing financial data will be updated with the latest contained inside the new import file.