Where has my Product Line gone?

Logged into your workspace and can't find your product line or a plan that was on it? Here's some places to look for it.

There are a few reasons what you are looking for might appear to go missing in action. Here's some of the most common reasons. Hopefully they help you find what you are looking for!

Check the start date of the roadmap

The default start date of the roadmap views is today. If your product line has no plans with a start date for the time period that you are looking for then that product line will not appear in the roadmap view. There are a few ways to fix this. You can change the default start date of the roadmap view.

This is a user level setting and will be stored for you until you change it again.

Look at the list view rather than the roadmap

Maybe you don't want to change the dates of the roadmap, then an alternative place to look for product lines is on the product line list page. This is located to the right of the product and financial roadmap tabs.

The list page is a handy way to find product lines because it also contains a search function to help you find that elusive product line. Its located in the top right portion of the page.

Help! I still can't see or find it!

There's one other reason you may not be able to find a product line. Someone may have chosen to archive it. Product lines can be archived by users with the appropriate permissions when they no longer want them to be cluttering up the roadmaps or active list view. Simply navigate to the list view and change the dropdown on the left hand side from "Active product lines" to "Archived product lines"

If you want to bring an archived product line back into the active space you can simply click on the three dots next to the product line name and select to "Restore"

I've found my product line but still can't see my plan

If you are on the roadmap view

  • Then the most likely reason is the start date of the plan is not in the timeline range of the roadmap view. Adjust the default start date or change the length of the timeline that's being displayed.

If you are on the product line home page

  • Then the most likely reason is the plan start date is in the past. The default for plans to be displayed in this view are for those with a start date from todays date onwards. To see plans in the past you can either
    • Use the left arrow displayed to the left of the first plan in view
    • Switch to the list tab to see a list of all active plans

If you still can't find the plan you are looking for then the plan may have been archived. Navigate to the list view for plans and use the dropdown located in the top right of the page to change from "Active plans" to "Archived plans".