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Save yourself some time and import data

Importing data using csv

“I love data entry!” said no one, ever.

Don’t worry we dislike it as much as the next person so to help you get your data into Gocious as quickly and easily as possible we created a data import section.

You can import CSV files into the Gocious Libraries.

Running a Data Import

  1. Open the Data Import from the primary menu () under Tools section
  2. Follow the instructions in the upload box and either drag-n-drop an image or upload an image by clicking the upload icon
  3. Your import will appear in the recent imports list
  4. Once completed you will be able to see how many lines successfully imported and if there were any errors.
  5. Click on the Filename to get more details on how the Data Import went

 Your freshly imported data will be available for use in any Product Lines you wish to create and you can also augment your imported data via the Feature Library if you would like to.