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Viewing your product portfolio roadmap

Want to see all of your product line roadmaps at once? Just switch the view

Need to see what multiple product line roadmaps look like together? Need to make sure product lines aren't all trying to push product changes all at the same time swamping your development and manufacturing teams?

Then just switch the view on your product line page from the list view to the roadmap!

Your product lines will be displayed in their respective categories so you can make sure everything is lining up like planned.

The categories can be expanded and collapsed so you can focus on just the important bits.

If you want to narrow or expand the view to see only what has been published or what is being proposed to be published or both then just change the view via the handy dropdown at the top of the page.

Changing the start date of a proposed (draft) plan is just a matter of clicking into that plans settings and changing the date. The roadmap will automatically move the proposed plan for you to its new position.