The product portfolio roadmap

What can I see on the product portfolio roadmap and how do I navigate my way around it?

Working the timeline

The default start date of your product roadmap is todays date. If you want to have the roadmap start on a different date then you can choose that new date by navigating to the top left of the roadmap and either selecting in the calendar picker or manually entering the date you want the roadmap to start from.

This date will be stored as part of your personal settings and will be the new default until you choose a different date.

You can shoose what time period you would like to view the roadmap for. This selection is made next to the date picker for the roadmap start date. Here are the available time ranges, 5 years is the system default.

Users can move the time range being displayed on the roadmap by clicking the arrows at either end of the time range displayed across the top of the roadmap.

Filtering the roadmap by market divisions

Any Market Divisions created in the system are available as filters for viewing the roadmap. They are located to the right of the roadmap start date and timeline range. Users can select from the dropdowns which Market Divisions they want to see and the roadmap will update to reflect Product Lines and Plans that meet the filter criteria.

See how to create Market Divisions here

Product Hierarchy / Categories

If you have created a product portfolio hierarchy or categorization then it will be available as a dropdown filter to the left of your Market Divisions. Check the levels you want to see and then apply the filter to the roadmap. 

Alternatively any hierarchy created will be displayed as part of the presentation of Product Lines down the left hand side of the roadmap. Users can click on the arrows next to the category names to expand and contract the display of information contained within each category

View Settings

You can personally configure what things you want to see on the roadmap in the view setting menu available in the top right hand side of the roadmap.

Users are able to select what pieces of information they want to see or not see on the roadmap. This information is stored as part of your personal preferences and becomes the default for whenever you view the roadmap.

Plan cards

There is a lot of valuable information that can be shown on a plan card in the Product Roadmap, here is an example of a plan card and where you can see the information on it